Spendet für den Prozess von Ahmed! Sofortige Freilassung!

Freedom for Ahmed!

Spenden | In a case that Amnesty International has called an “affront to justice”, Ahmed H., a Syrian with residency in Cyprus, has been charged with violating anti-terrorism laws for participating in a protest in Röszke, Hungary, during September 2015. The protest occurred after Hungarian police suddenly and forcefully closed the border between Hungary and Serbia, trapping hundreds of refugees and migrants who were traveling along the Balkan route to seek asylum in Northern Europe. Ahmed, who has now been imprisoned in Hungary for two years, was sentenced to 10 years of prison in 2016 in proceedings which activists and observers described as a “show trial”. Thankfully, Ahmed’s family was able to secure a new lawyer and appeal the verdict, and the initial trial was thrown out. Now, the trial goes back to the first instance court in October 2017 and we have the chance to support Ahmed and his family’s struggle for a fair trial and justice.