Demonstration against Deportation in Heidelberg

Time: 13.30 at Bismarckplatz – Heidelberg

The German culture of abuse and institutionalized racism has continued to flourish through its brutal deportation practices. The expansion and of Frontex operations continues to wax stronger in its target to broaden the imperialist policies of exploitation and dominance.

Victims who had fled persecution as the impact of exploitation are deprived from coming into Europe. For those who succeeded to escape destruction through instruments of frontex, persecution and deprivation of dignified living becomes the welcome package.   The Victims are put through massive isolation and exclusion through racist decrees implemented discretely by the state officials.

The scenario is also worse for those who has continued to be active in exile, those who refuse to accept repressive practices of the German state are put through more harsh restriction of freedom, traumatized targeted at deportation without regards to the risk in the home country.

Bunja Darbo, a deported Gambian refugee activist from Sinsheim to represent such injustice of the European state championed by Germany. Although Bunja has been deported, we shall continue in solidarity to say never Forgotten never Forgiven to every accomplice also with Mrs Benz (Schwetzingen to Sinsheim is enough to choose between humanity and inhumanity). Deportation is Torture and human right abuse. Deportation is colonial hence we must protest it.

An asylum seeker is hospitalized from a serious injury to her legs and spinal cord in Ludwigshafen. She had attempted escape from deportation as she jumped through her window while the Police and Mrs. Benz appeared in her room at 5am.
She has been through the pains of two operations with more yet to come. No one can even predict her possibility to be whole again.

We stand never to Forget nor forgive any accomplice. The souls of these victims will continue to torment you and those of us who are here profess our position to expose every inhuman deeds of the European state.

Germany – champion of the Frontex Europe, your continuous capitalist dominance through the Europeanization of inhuman migration Policies is aiming at your fall.

Deportation is Torture, Murder and colonial injustice! Deportation is Human right abuse!!

Stop deportation! Stop Racism! Stop the Exploitation!!!

We are here because you destroyed our countries!!!


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