For democracy and justice in Togo! Demonstration 15.02.2020 in Heidelberg! 1 p.m. Central Station

Stop the destruction of the environment through phosphate and lime mining in Togo!
No support for the dictatorship in Togo!

On 22.02.2020, elections will take place in Togo. Long-time ruler Faure Gnassingbé will run again. The Togolese democracy movement demands an end to the Gnassingbé dictatorship.

Stop the destruction of the environment by industrial phosphate and lime mining in Togo. HeidelbergerCement (HC), the second largest cement manufacturer in the world, has been present in Togo since 1984. They mine lime and produce cement clinker. In 2015, Heidelberg Cement invested US$ 250 million in Togo in order to be able to assume a key role in the construction sector in West Africa. The consequences of industrial quarrying for people, animals and nature through SNPT, WACEM or HeidelbergCement are serious. Air pollution, destruction of coastal fishing, high release of CO2 emissions in cement production, exploitation of people and nature. The majority of the people in Togo do not benefit from this. Togo lacks democracy, justice and respect for human rights. The people of Togo need schools, functioning health care, social support and jobs with future prospects. No more political and economic support for the dictatorship in Togo! Support the DEMONSTRATION in Heidelberg

We call for support for the demonstration of the Diaspora Togolaise Allemagne (DTA) and the Comité pour la Democratie et le Developpoment en Afrique (CDDA). The demonstration is now supported by some groups from Baden-Württemberg. Write your support to

All information about the demonstration can be found here:

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