Ukraine: Pogrom gegen ROMA live auf Facebook

Vertreibungen von Roma in der Ukraine | „Radio Free Europe reports that axes and hammers were used on 7 June by neo-Nazis from the Azov National Militia to perpetrate yet another assault on Romani people in Ukraine. Their entire 7 June pogrom in Holosiyivskiy Park in Kyiv was broadcast live by them on Facebook without police ever intervening.  The organized assault was the fourth of its kind to be committed against Romani people in Ukraine during the last six weeks. The National Militia was created by veterans of the ultra-right Azov Battalion in January and on 6 June issued an ultimatum, again  through Facebook, to these particular Romani people instructing them to vacate their camp within 24 hours. „When the police don’t act, the National Militia takes control of the situation,“ the neo-Nazis posted to the social networking site. The extremists then published a 12-minute video edit of the attack on YouTube.“ Weiterlesen