Ellwangen: Good day Ladies and Gentlemen and members of the Press.


Though this speech is for me to talk about solidarity from my experience and understanding. It is important I give a generally accepted definition. Thus, I would define solidarity as association of advocacy, stakes, purposes, or sympathies shared among members of a group. It is brotherhood, comradeship that people of interest share to be able to achieve a binding goal.
The people or groups that are in solidarity, are usually driven by the same sentiments, experiences, pains, and interests. Those who have suffered similar injustices directly or indirectly would tend to be driven by the same passion to see a change. Also, it is possible to have people who have not suffer any form of oppression joining forces in solidarity with those who have. In this instance, the reason is because the fellow do not want to suffer the oppression in future or he just cannot stomach any form of inequity, cruelty or tyranny.
Solidarity is a useful measure to draw positive support for the oppressed that one affiliates with. However, the support being drawn to help correct the injustices must not be harmful to those who do not share the ideas.
One of the reasons for solidarity is to provide accurate information. The oppressors usually tend to suppress the truth. And because in most instances they have overwhelming advantages and control of the media, they manipulate the process to misinform the general public. Solidarity therefore, give the oppressed a voice and medium to tell their own side of the story which is usually the truth.
Solidarity also give courage and leadership to the oppressed to express themselves. There are some instances where the people being oppressed lack quality leadership, skills, courage, resources to advance their course. However, when they are joined and supported by the right people or groups in solidarity, they become a formidable force to be reckoned with.
Providing useful knowledge and access to the right authorities are some other reasons solidarity is needed, especially by my group. An immigrant group like the one I belong right now can actually achieve little or nothing, if we do not know what to do or have access to the right people we are supposed to meet. Having well-meaning groups and individuals in solidarity with us will greatly help us achieve our goal of seeking justice.
Guidance and staying on course are also some benefits solidarity brings to an immigrant group like mine. Without guidance, the tendency to stray off course or the group being hijacked by the wrong people are likely. The supervision, protection and lead of solidarity groups and individuals can therefore not be overemphasized.
All that been said, I would like to relate my experiences with the subject matter and emphasize the need for all and sundry to show us, the Africa immigrants their support. The majority of us are people coming from dysfunctional societies where we have been battered by different forms of cruelties. Note that the common reason people migrate is because they want to have a better life. No one in his or her right senses would migrate from where life is better to where things are worse. That we find ourselves here in Germany is because we want a better life.
For us coming from different societies where the basic necessities of life are lacking or where they are present, they are only meant for those in government and their close family members. We have seen terrible forms of life and the only thing we the Africa immigrants want is not another injustices and cruelties, but better opportunities. This is why it is disheartening and unwarranted for a section of the German police to raid our camp, torture and brutalize immigrants physically and psychologically.
My call therefore is to all well-meaning individuals, groups, politicians, the media and the international community to come to our aid. We do not like the way we are being treated, threatened, tortured psychologically, brutalized and deported unjustly. Please come to our aid; support us in whatever capacity you can. Help us get the better life and opportunities we desire from the German government.

Thank You and God bless.
Isaiah Ehrauyi