Solidarität aus Sofia nach Ungarn- Lasst Ahmed endlich frei! Aktueller Prozess in Szeged

Am morgigen Freitag ist der letzte Prozesstag gegen Ahmed in Ungarn – wir hoffen er kommt frei!!!

Several journalists mainly – media which is financed by the government (National television and Hungarian news agency) – were present as well as hungarian and international observers of the trial. On todays session in the court of Szeged the judge (Jenő Kóbor) mainly focused on Ahmeds previous statements and asked about details. Generally it can be said that the judge and the prosecutor focused on certain details that can not really relate to the terrorism charge. For example they asked if he knew where he was when the border closing ended and the gates were closed. To this he answered that it was a very confusing situation and he couldn’t know where serbian territory ends and hungarian territory starts. More Information.