Send Your Letter For Lesbos

How are you?

You look out of the window and the cold and grey makes you shiver? Imagine what it’s like to live in a flimsy tent in this weather. That’s exactly what life looks like for more than 6000 refugees in Moria camp on the Greek Island Lesbos. The camp is more than three times overcrowded, sanitary conditions are inhumane and people get sick from the cold. Now the #WinterIsComing and temperatures drop below zero. Still the Greek government and the European Commission won’t move people out of Moria. They are stuck. You know what it means, right? It means people might die. Last year this happened. Multiple times. After visiting Lesbos some time ago and after watching photos and videos from last days, I decided to write a letter and send it to Athens. To ask for #OpenTheIslands.

You can copy my letter, or re-write it as you wish, and send it there too. Let’s make an autumn storm together. Maybe it won’t be too late for the winter?  More information.