Drei Tage Proteste gegen Roma in der bulgarischen Stadt Asenovgrad

Protest against the Roma in Asenovgrad – Bulgaria

Das Roma News Portal – Roma Times berichtet am 03. Juli 2017 über Übergriffe gegen Roma in der bulgarischen Stadt Asenovgrad. Mehr dazu in der Roma Times in englischer Sprache. | „The Bulgarian town of Asenovgrad witnesses protests three days in a row, a protest of the ethnic Bulgarians against the Roma from the Roma settlement of this city. The reason for the protests is the attack of a group of young Roma who attacked several young Bulgarian athletes.  According to information, the fight occurred after two girls who were drowning nearby were screaming for help from this group of young Roma boys, when this group accepted to help the girls, the group of several young Bulgarians which began insulting and humiliating the Roma with the words: Dirty gypsies like you will help these girls, get lost you stink…“, after continuing the verbal conflict between  these two groups, the fight occurred, where the young Bulgarian boys were beaten up. After this incident, a group of Bulgarians went to the near Roma neighborhood with an intention to find the attackers. The police was immediately alarmed of this situation which together with the  Bulgarian Gendarmerie surrounded and guard the Roma neighborhood from the protestants which say that these are peaceful protests, but unfortunately these protests are violent having in mind that the police had to push the aggressors in order not to penetrate the cordon upon the entrance of the settlement as well as the aggressive messages towards all Roma and the demand for them to be evicted from Asenovgrad. For now, the police with the Bulgarian Gendarmerie are securing the Roma neighborhood, the people cannot exit or enter the settlement, they  complain that they cannot conduct their daily activities, such as going to work, school, the doctor or all of the daily activities.“

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