May 31th in Erfurt Kundgebung: Keine Abschiebung – Nirgendwohin

Auch in Erfurt wird morgen gegen Abschiebungen demonstriert!

On Wednesday, the 31th of May at 6pm we come together for a peaceful demonstration against deportations. We well meet in Erfurt at Anger. On the same day, the next mass deportation to Afghanistan is expected to be carried out. Several federal states in Germany do NOT support deportations to Afghanistan, such as Thuringia. But deportations to other countries are daily routines in the whole country of Germany. Deportation, especially against someones will, no matter to which country is always dangerous for the mental and physical health of the affected people. We demand that the state of Thuringia is no longer participating in the inhuman deportation politics and in addition to that a nationwide deportation stop to Afghanistan.
Fight the causes that people flee from, not the people! Mehr Infos.