Justice for the Kosovo Victims of Lead Poisoning!

Petition unterschreiben für die ehemaligen Roma-Kinder die in Mitrovica mit Blei vergiftet wurden

Petitition des ERRC | The European Roma Rights Centre is demanding the Secretary-General of the United Nations compensate the Roma, Ashkali & Balkan Egyptians exposed to lead poisoning in Mitrovica, Kosovo, in line with a finding by the UN Human Rights Advisory Panel that the UN was legally responsible for what happened.

Exposure to lead in any amount is dangerous. But the levels in the blood and hair samples of the Romani children living in the Mitrovica IDP camps were off the charts – European and American scientists had never seen anything like it. These Romani children, many of them now adults, are condemned to a short life of mental and physical health problems because of the inadequacy of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

Needless to say, this did not happen to non-Roma living in the same area as they were safely relocated by the United Nations.

Join us in demanding a full public apology from UNMIK, as well as calling on the Secretary General of the United Nations to arrange for the medical costs of those whose lives UNMIK have irreparably damaged to be covered, and compensation provided.

Roma rights are human rights! We call on all those who believe this and care about equal justice for Roma, Ashkali & Balkan Egyptians to sign this petition.