Solidarity with the hungerstriking refugees in deportation prison Mühldorf!

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Since Sunday, 21st of February 2016 in the deportation prison in Mühldorf (Bavaria) five refugees are in hunger strike. They protest for the improvement of their imprisonment conditions and against their deportations.
On Tuesday, 23rd of February a fire broke out in one of the prison cells. The circumstances are still not clear, authorities accuse Ahmed Saidzade – one of the hunger strikers – that he has set the fire.

On Wednesday, 24th of February 2016 Ahmed Saidzade was deported under perilous circumstances with Air India to Afghanistan. Despite that fact that he had been injured from the fire in his cell on Tuesday night, the German authorities returned him. The psychological and physical situation of Ahmed Saidzade was catastrophic in these circumstances.

With his deportation, the authorities and the airline Air India ignored this dangerous situation and put their racist asylum policies so above his life. And last but not least the situation in Afghanistan continues perilous! Protests at the airport in Frankfurt and through a fax and telephone campaign remained unheard.

Another four refugees are still on hunger strike in the deportation prison Mühldorf. Because of the detention they are isolated from the public and thus limited in their possibilities of direct personal, political and legal support.

On Thursday, 25th of February, the foreign office in Munich was squatted in solidarity with the hunger strike. Activists chained themselves on the central entrance door and blocked it six hours untill they were evicted.

These were the demands:

1. A right of return for Ahmed Saidzade and all other deportees!
2. The release of all detainees in detention!
3. The suspension of deportations of the hunger strikers in Mühldorf and all other deportations!
4. The closure of the detention centers in Bamberg, Manching, Mühldorf am Inn, anywhere!
5. Right to stay for all!

*What can you do to support the hunger strikers? *

Sign these demands. Send the name of you/ your group to
Spread the word, so that the voices from those in the inside are being heard!

Put pressure on the responsibles with solidarity actions, protest letters and so on!
Send solidarity messages to the hungerstrikers:

Karimi Zaki (speaks dari,english,easy german
Zeeshan Ali (speaks probably urdu)
Sesar Harun (probably turkish)
Belkhalfa Abdulrahman (probably arab, french)

JVA Mühldorf am Inn
Rheinstraße 5
84453 Müldorf am Inn

*Media reports (not complete list)*

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