Raise your voice – For your right…

Let’s meet on 14.01.2016!  All  are very wellcome!

Rasthaus, Adlerstr.12 in Freiburg Phone 04915731070247

  • To stay – Against deportation
  • FlyerTo participate – Against exclusion
  • To choose your living place – Against inhuman camps
  • To work and get education – against discrimination

Equal rights for everyone! All humans have the right to live in safety and dignity! To realize this we need to fight together and form a self-organized refugee movement supported by Aktion Bleiberecht.
Aktion Bleiberecht is an independent group that stands up for “the right to stay” for more than ten years now. So come, raise your voice and be part of the decision-makings. “It’s your right”

Poster_14.01.2016        Flyer 14.01.2016