Calais: Jungle on fire

Jungle on fire / Feuer im Flüchtlingscamp in Calais

This is the fire in the Calais jungle last night, 2.500 square meters touched.
A fire broke out amongst closely crowded tents at around 00:45am this morning. The cause of the fire is said to be a candle.

Fire spread quickly due to the wind and people were running around trying to evacuate the area and get people to safety.

No major injuries, a few small burns and smoke inhalation problems but no major injuries or deaths. Lots of people’s documents, papers clothes and personal belongings were burnt and destroyed. The fire burnt and spread for around half an hour before fire engines arrived. Apparently the police were on hand trying to put the fire out with the water cannon. The area interested was the Sudanese camp near chemin des Dunes. 60 shelters were destroyed. More information