Call for solidarity with wave of resistance in UK detention centres

As you may have heard, hunger strikes and occupations have been happening in 7 of the UK detention centres for a week now.

Hundreds have been refusing food and protesting in the centres.

People are speaking out through a blog –
Detained Voices – and Standoff Films
This is the biggest uprising against the detention system in the UK for many years. The protests come after a major news channel released secret footage from inside these racist prisons:

Channel 4
Corporate Watch

Yet coverage in the UK has been almost entirely restricted to a single news channel -Channel 4:
The only consistent other coverage comes from Russia Today:
People detained and involved in the protests ask that their struggle be known by all. They have requested media coverage, presence outside the detention centres and support spreading their demands/messages.
There have been UK solidarity actions regularly over the last week. See Anti Raids:
A bus taking people to the airport due to be deported to Afghanistan was also blocked.
People are now asking for actions of solidarity from outside the UK – at Embassies, detention centres etc. Protests at UK Embassies, especially if shown in non-UK media, would make it harder for the UK news embargo to continue, and put pressure on the UK government.
Please let us know if you organise something. People inside are hugely motivated to know that knowledge of their protest is spreading. Any coverage is a win.
Supportive messages/photos can be sent to If you would like to speak to a media spokesperson from those detained we can also put you in contact.
Love, rage and solidarity!