Call of the Protest March for Freedom

Action in Schengen (LUX) on Sunday 1st of June

On the 13th day of the Protest March we will reach the city Schengen through our third border crossing from Germany to Luxembourg.
After the press conference at 11 am we will cross the bridge from Perl to Schengen to start our action in this symbolic city for racist asylum and migration policies.

Schengen is the city in which the Schengen Treaty was signed. In Schengen the EU is celebrating freedom of movement and „Europe without borders“ as well as FRONTEX. It is celebrating the privileges of the European citizens while criminalizing migration.Therefore the Schengen Treaty on the other hand means the establishment of Fortress Europe, migrant defence and deaths at the borders of Europe and its seas as well the violation of human rights.

We call all refugees and solidarious groups to join us in Perl to cross the border together to reach Schengen. Through creative actions we want to celebrate there the freedom of movement for EVERYONE and at the same time we want to scandalize the killing militarization of Schengen’s outer borders. We want to abolish Frontex, the Dublin System and all anti-migration policies of Europe.

Also on the 5th and 6th of June the Council of the European Union will come together in Luxembourg Ville (Place de l’Europe 4) to discuss the Task Force for the Mediterranean, the Schengen System as well as the new executive director of FRONTEX. Therefore join also our action day on the 5th of June in Luxembourg Ville!!

Let’s come there together and smash borders and racism!!

Refugee Protest March