Zwei Selbstmordversuche in den letzten drei Wochen

Abschiebung nach Gambia

Since 3 weeks there has been several incidences ranging from 2 suicide attempt from a Turkish and Indian Refugees. One brutal deportation of a Gambian(lamin) to cover up judicial misconduct of the State Persecutor and the massive threats of deportation through the terror mechanism of the Foreign Office in the name of the Regierumspraesidium (although the Regierumsprasidiums Boss had denied that responsibility during a delegation discussion with him on Friday in Karlsruhe).
Refugees in the Schwabisch Gmuend  have taken to camping in front of the Rathaus after an Indian Refugee attempted suicide and was taken away by the ambulance.
We cannot Waite to see ourselves in this situation anymore but demand the Immidiate closure of the Lager and the right for dignified accomodation rather than living in the Lager.
On the previous Sunday, the Refugees had stormed the Police Station and stayed there all night to secure the release of their detained colleage(Lamin) who was later deported to Gambia on this previous Monday.
As part of exposing the injustices they face, the refugees had boycotted participation in the usual widely celebrated „Refugees day“ but instead read their demands to the participants (amongst whom was the City Mayor) and walked out to display their plackards and Banners that highlighted their demands.

Detailed report will be circulated with pictures and Videos.

For direct Contact:

Schwabisch Gmuend 015211621406


Rex Osa 017627873832