Preparation meeting on Action days against Embassy deportation collaboration …

 … from 8th to 10th of May in Berlin and other cities in Germany

Flourishing deportation policies of European border regime becomes a major instrument to justify the German war on migration and its intensive effort to dominate, exploit, persecute and racially exclude persons not seeming to be European.
Preparation meeting in Frankfurt: Date: March 11, 2012, Time: 12 – 17 Hrs
Venue: Ffm Bockenheim, Studierendenhaus / K2 Mertonstr 26 – 28

Frontex as enforcer of the brutal deportation practices has continued to gain intensive empowerment with further role of lobbying stooge collaboration with refugee home country in pretence for mutual cooperation but with aim to broaden its exclusion policies far beyond the EU borders to home country of refugee’s.

Meanwhile, massive exploitation of the refugees home Country continues to prosper and the Victims (Asylum seekers) of these occurrences face unjust denial of the right to Asylum and racially persecuted through various forms of German-European institutionalized isolation and exclusion practices.

Unjustly denied asylum victims are forcefully summoned to appear before representatives of country embassy in a deportation hearing conducted randomly in different German cities. This deportation hearing organized in a Gestapo form presents refugees to country delegates for questioning in order to confirm their country of origin based on language, accents or specific words and besides, refugees are  arbitrarily identified based on general appearance, Face shape, traditional scars etc.!

Notwithstanding the fact that these hearing exposes refuges to the danger of facing representatives of the same regime they had fled from,  the criteria for this identification of victims nationality is purely colonial as country delegates usually adopts data imposed by the German police or deportation authority without recourse the problems associated with double names, nationality and date of birth.

Victims of such deportation hearings ranges from unjustly denied Asylum seekers, Refugees facing racist persecution based on their resistance against the German isolation camps, Refugees excercising civil disobedience through „violation of the Apartheid Restriction to  freedom Movement“ and migrants are forcefully separated from their partners, children and family members based on the racist influence of the authorities.

Refugees and anti-racists groups of activists have always been engaged in protest actions against such deportation hearings like the encouragement to boycott such deportation hearings to win time for alternative solutions although they would be faced with harsh pressure from the Authorities.

With the active collaboration of the Nigerian embassy and its dubious practices that promotes the execution of the highest number of deportation flight from Europe to Africa as agency of the German-European boarder Regime, It is a common practice that the European authorities (especially Germany) are corrupting the refugee country embassies to issue deportation clearance to legitimate abuses and massive repressions against the deportees.

From a critical point of view, the embassy hearings are exercise of racial persecution and elimination based on; 1. Its profile of assumed racial features like Face form, scars, and accents in relation to the German National Socialist physio-gnomic distinction as were applied to the Aryan, Slavic or Jews in the past. 2. Image of the third world as being culturally less developed and as an implicit distinction between Europeans and third world migrants linked with a kind of Racism against states or nations i.e. a distinction of Europe being the progressive and developed with the 3rd world (Africa especially) being defined as backward and tribal 3 The concept of „Kulturnation“ (nation based on the identification of a common culture) as a modern concept of nation physical features which cannot be a practical proof to identify who belongs to any nation.

Deportation is racist elimination and the reason behind the forced deportation hearing is not to decide true identity but to deport as many as possible to buttress the German racist concept of selecting persons based on who is worth to live here and who is not.

In spite of past all protest through the media and actions at various hearing, the continuous engagement of country embassies (especially Nigerian Embassy) signals the legitimating of this corrupt deportation hearing.

In this vain, we are calling on all progressive Migrant and Antiracist movement to support the ongoing protest action against the deportation collaboration and action to stop to the Slave drivers‘ business of refugee home country with the German – European regimes.

Important Notice

Based on limited time factor associated with this meeting, we would encourage activist and groups to send in ideas and proposals by email so as to enable us structure the agenda of the meeting in Frankfurt.

This meeting should be seen as a platform for exchanging and harmonizing the different proposals from active groups and community networks of Refugees.

Some refugee communities and support groups are already planning decentralized action during the action day’s event in their localities as solidarity events parallel to the action days in Berlin Schwäbisch Gmund refugee community has concretely proposed a display of African traditional event in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin.

Blocks would be organized for different refugee home country with Wuppertal already planning a Guinean Block.

Anti racist groups and other refugee support groups should please take the role of informing and mobilizing refugee delegates from their different regions for this meeting.

For more Information:

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Tel.: 017627873832