Unterstützt den Hungerstreik in der Ukraine gegen EU-Haftlager

Seit dem 6. Januar befinden sich 58 Somalis in der Ukraine im Hungerstreik und fordern ihre Entlassung aus einem EU-finanzierten Flüchtlingsknast.

Updates und Hintergrundinformationen hier:  http://bordermonitoring-ukraine.eu/

Dort findet sich auch ein Hinweis auf die FAX/Mail-Kampagne.

Faxkampagne: http://bordermonitoring-ukraine.eu/storage/faxemail-campaign/
Ukraine: Calls To Stop Harassing Somali Asylum Seekers

Since 6 January, 58 Somalis (13 women, including 7 minors, and 45 men, including 17 minors) who are detained in Zhuravychi detention centre near Lutsk are on hunger strike. On 29/1, they were subsequently attacked by riot police who forcefully took them to the dining room to take pictures of the refugees eating.

The hunger striking refugees demand that:
1) Somali asylum seekers are granted asylum status in Ukraine.
2) They are released from detention.
3) Asylum seekers are provided with documents so they cannot be arrested.
4) There is an end to the police harassment of asylum seekers.
5) No asylum seeker is to face re-arrest after a period of detention.

From the hunger strikers we have just had the following report. “We have had some problems today. At about 1:00pm about 20 policemen came into the detention centre. When the police came we were shocked and confused, we are not criminals. They wore masks  and had teargas, guns and pistols. They led us out of our rooms and then searched the rooms. They collected some personal things. Some  of us were punched by hand, others kicked by boots, and others hit by sticks. They threatened us saying that we have to go to the dining room and eat. They forced some of the boys to eat. The boys went to the dining room, saying “these people will kill us”.  Ten of the boys went to the dining room and the police took some pictures of the boys eating. We think the Government want to use the pictures for propaganda.
The Government also want to provoke us so we fight and they can see we are hooligans. The policemen are still here in Lutsk, and we don’t know if they are temporary or permanent.”

The hunger strikers urgently need your support to protect them from threats and violence inside the Lutsk Detention Centre.

Please can you immediately e mail or fax a protest letter demanding that:  the police are removed immediately from the Lutsk Detention Centre, and that no further threats or violence are used against the hunger strikers or any detainees
Please e mail or fax your letter to one or more of the following officials:

Minister of Interior of Ukraine
zmi@mvsinfo.gov.ua, FAX: +380 44 254-96-34 or  +380 44 256-1633

Volyn Department of Minister of Interior

Head of State Migration Service of Ukraine
hotline@dmsu.gov.ua FAX: +380 44 254-78-81

Head of Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, O.Zarubynskyj
Zarubinskyi.Oleh@rada.gov.ua FAX: +380 44 255-49-02

Commissioner of Supreme Court of Ukraine on Human Rights

Maybe you also have the possibility to organize at least a small demonstration in front of the Ukrainian embassy in your town!

Ukraine: Calls To Stop Harassing Somali Asylum Seekers
February 1, 2012

Ukraine: Calls To Stop Harassing Somali Asylum Seekers

January 31, 2012 Ukraine

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