Stop Legitimating Injustice and Legitimate Justice: Present Draft of Accelerated Asylum Procedures Law in Germany‏

We demand the protection of all refugees!Karawane

Karawane / The German government has been using the increased number of refugees applicant as a pretext to justify the introduction of strict measure on the Asylum and Residence law. The actual draft violates the Fundamental Human Right of refugees, such as health and medical treatment, and abuse on refugees identity and declaration.

All legally registered refugees in the Federal Republic of Germany have the right to be protected according to the international multilateral treaties of which Germany ratified in respect of its Fundamental Law. Therefore, it is the obligation of the German government to give an appropriate protection to all refugee without exception.

For instance, a refugee is made sick in Germany through the repressive mechanism in which the German government permitted and authorized such as isolation in an asylum camps, restriction of movement, denial of working permits, exclusion to participate economical in a developed world, denial to open a bank account, and all forms of administrative abuses for many years (7 to 15…), including abuse on a refugee who correctly declared his or her identity, arbitrary decision making processes, ignorance, and intentional procedural delay, and discrimination basing on racial profiling, etc.

Facts from subjective perspective indicate that it destroys the perspective of refugees. This raises moral questions such as, If it is you and your family are you not gong to be seek or take suicide? Is your health not going to be deteriorated?. That is why it is necessary to stop legitimating Injustice and legitimate Justice. All administrative abuses on refugees should stop.

Drafting law in view of destroying or disadvantaging refugees is irrelevant in this present modern world. An appropriate verification of refugees official documents, declarations, and legal protection to all refugees that have substantive health problems without exception is the key solution.

In conclusion, it is well founded that the increase number of refugees are caused due to a political persecution, war such as the NATO’s war in Libya, the Western Hegemony in view of removing the government in Syria and its war on ISIS. The fight against ISIS and Boko Haram has been contributing to millions of refugees running out of their country  in search of security.

In general, the war in Irak, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria,  and African countries, Boko Haram increased terror in West Africa, the world’s economic inequalities and injustice, and the financial crises in Greek have caused the increase refugee applications.

We demand the protection of all refugees!

We demand all Embassies or representatives of any country not to accept to take back his or her citizen that the German government has destroyed and made sick. The concerned refugees should be compensated for their lives and perspective been destroyed.

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